Watching the election results come in Tuesday night this week, as one and possibly two  state legislatures flipped from red to blue, two states elected Democratic governors, Maine voters reprimanded their governor for his stalling on expanding health care, and a wave of Progressives in a kaleidoscope of genders, ethnicities, and sexualities were elected to state and local office nationwide, I got that feeling again.

The one I got when, in the days after 11/8/16, I saw friends and friends to be across the country donating to groups helping those the incoming regime had targeted, starting discussion and action groups, and getting engaged in our communities.

The one I got on a frosty January day when I joined the biggest crowd ever to gather at Vermont’s statehouse, and 3-5 million people nationwide, to stand up together for a different America.

The one I got when the first Travel Ban was announced, as I helped friends on social media direct people to the protests spontaneously erupting at major airports nationwide, and the ACLU raised more money in a single weekend than it typically does in a year.

The one I got when my wife put an add on our tiny town’s local Front Porch Forum to get together neighbors who wanted to do something about what was happening, and a dozen frightened, passionate, and committed people filled our dining room for our first meeting.

The feeling that we are not alone. That, grim as the post 11/9 world has been, we have been awakened from our torpor. That more than a few of us still believe in democracy, justice, and the equality and dignity of all people. That the future, though dealt a setback, is still happening.

That we will #RESIST.

I just wanted to share that with you as we mark one year together.


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