“I Think It Came In Through the Window” in Clockwise Cat Issue 40

“The Ideal Man” in Feel Good Weird Fall 2017

“Twelve Steps to the New Israel of the Beats”, honorable mention in William Faulkner Literary Competition, 2017

“Politics II” in Zig Zag Lit Magazine Issue 3

“Emily Listens Critically to Diana Ross” in poems2go vol. 3

“Thoughts on Viewing the Facade of a Vietnamese Restaurant, Post& Larkin” in Strange Poetry

“Hitting Bottom Sestina (Tenderloin, Halloween 2005)” in BlogNostics

“Jungian Encounters”, “I Am Standing On the Portico of Doom”, “Humanity shivers, like that dog, in her embrace”, “Talking Call of Cthulhu Apocalypse Blues”, and “The Next Step”  in Danse Macabre 89

“Secret Washington” in DM Du Jour

“Poem from the Week Josh Died” & “Heavy Garbage Day” in Misfitmagazine #12

“Young Karl Marx”, Bookmark Contest Finalist, Opium Magazine #9

“A Truth Beyond All Truths” & “Changing Viewpoints” in Umbrella Issue 11

“Post-separation alone at night listening to Patti Smith sing ‘Dancing Barefoot’ while thinking of mistakes I made while living in Hong Kong blues” in Lit Up Magazine

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