New poem out today in poems2go!


Before 11/9, I was mostly blogging about writing-related stuff, both for my own writing and others. Well, it turns out I still can, and I’m excited to have some news on both fronts today! My poem “Emily Listens Critically to Diana Ross” is featured online in the latest edition of poems2go, and will also be released this week in their print edition, a portable printing of poems for patrons to take that’s put out in 25 cafes in 9 states.

Having done so much writing myself in cafes over the years, I’d be tickled pink about this on its own merits. But wait, there’s more! I just found out today that the issue also features a poem by my friend Mary Ann Honaker. I know Mary Ann from my two years living in Salem, Massachusetts, where we were in several writing groups together. She’s a great person, and a really powerful poet.

You can read her poem (and mine!), as well as the other fine poems in the issue, here:




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