Short New Year’s Post

I am told by fairly reliable sources (for example, the archive menu immediately to the right of this posting) that I didn’t Blog at all in 2014. Egads!

Well, the simplest way to stop having stopped something is to start it again. And the simplest way to start something is to be okay with doing even a little pinch of it, and to give yourself permission to do it imperfectly. So I’m going to keep this short.

2014 was a good year in many ways, but one of the big ones was that I bought the house pictured above with this lady:

The house also features these resident cats:

And the following ring-necked pheasant that sometimes visits (unless the fox we’ve seen crossing our road several times has gotten him):

The whole process of looking for, buying, and moving in to a house dominated a lot of the year, one of the reasons there was so little blog activity. But enough excuses! I hereby am blogging again. This is the post that bear witness to that. May Odin, Zeus and Ra have mercy…

2 thoughts on “Short New Year’s Post

  1. Little Earl

    So, funny story: two nights ago, I was scrolling through my Favorites when I noticed the link to your blog in there, and I thought, “You know what? Why don't I just delete this? Chris hasn't posted anything in over a year. All right, I'll give him ONE MORE CHANCE. I'm going to click on his blog, and if I don't see a new post, I'm going to delete it, because I've just about had it.”

    Well done, sir. And to think, if I'd had this thought merely ONE DAY earlier, you would have been banished into the outer reaches of cyberspace.



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