America’s Stonehenge 978-Newt 130

 A quick one here, holiday week and all. I’ve been looking for appropriate sites to display some of my blog content on. Accordingly, I posted my recent blog on Newt Gingrich’s polling rise to the 2012 elections board on

Reddit is a pretty groovy place in terms of aggregating news and content from a variety of sites in a user-moderated environment. The Newt piece got some decent traffic, so I decided to post my recent America’s Stonehenge column in their paranormal section.

The results? The Newt Gingrich post has generated 130 pageviews. America’s Stonehenge? 978! Does this say something about the relative online audience for news of the Paranormal versus Presidential elections?

P.S.- Over 1,100 page views between them, and still only one comment on either blog. What’s a brother got to do to get some reader interaction going?!?

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