Boston Day 11

Technically, I’m in Danvers, which is a small town about 15 miles North of Boston. Abbey and I are camping out here in an extended stay hotel because:

A) It’s more affordable to be a little outside of the city, especially when you need a room that allows pets as well.

B) We’re looking for places in the area (North Shore, as they call it here) so it’s a convenient base.

So how is day 11? Pretty good! I had been prepared to have a period of depression right after the move, since it’s like that sometimes after you leave a place you love. Or after you make any kind of big change in life for that matter. But so far, while I did have a blue afternoon this weekend, I’ve been surprisingly buoyant. Still prepared to have all kinds of feelings along the way, but glad to be here.

And I’m super-happy to have the whole family together again. Small space to hold me, Abbey, Sasha and Jinks, but we’re doing well:

So far, in-between me working remotely, we’ve mostly been looking for places to live. But along the way we’re exploring too. I can heartily endorse the rocky shell-strewn beaches of Salem:

The big sandy stretch of beach between Lynn and Nahant:

The beaches near Ipswich, which, contrary to what H.P. Lovecraft led me to expect, do not seem to be crawling with hideous half-breed fish people:

And last yesterday we went to check out Gloucester, where an overcast windy day and cold choppy water made me feel very much at home:

As for our home-searching, it’s going pretty well. We have a few solid prospects in Salem and Swampscott. More news to follow…

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