10 Books in 2010 Self-challenge (update)

I got this idea lodged in my head that I would challenge myself to read 10 pending “always meant to get to it” books in 2010. I like the symmetry of the numbers, and I figured it would give me a good literary kick in the ass without being such a big list that I couldn’t possibly finish. I did a blog about this last month with my list as it stood at that time, asking for particular recommendations. Since then, I’ve added a few more to the list, so I’m now up to 22. Help!

-the Illiad
-Paradise Lost
-Short Stories of Dostoevsky
-something by Tom Robbins (what?)
-Catcher in the Rye
-Jesus’ Son
-Letters to a Young Poet
-something by Raymond Chandler (what?)
-something by Raymond Carver (particular recommendation?)
-the Analects
-the Varieties of Religious Experience
-Aristotle’s Poetics
-The Corrections
-Good in Bed
-Pass it On
-something by DeLillo (I’m leaning towards “Libra”)
-Godel, Escher, Bach
-Please Kill Me
-The Epic of Gilgamesh
-Jung (either Man and His Symbols or his autobiography)
-Cannery Row
-Tales of the City

Since I’ve got to get this down to 10, are there any particular plugs for “must reads” from the list? Any specific recommendations for the authors I’m not sure about which book to pick (Tom Robbins, Carver, Chandler, DeLillo)? Your input is appreciated…

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