So now we’re in Kenya…

…Mombasa, to be exact, the second largest city in Kenya with a lovely location right on the Indian Ocean. I am so happy to smell ocean again! What can I say, I’m a coastal kind of guy… In any case, I arrived here through what has probably been the most dangerous part of my journey to date, a 9 hour bus ride from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It actually wasn’t too scary, and I ended up going with a really local carrier, a girl from China, 2 Spaniards and I were the only non-Africans on the bus. The most heart-stopping moment came when we debussed for lunch. I didn’t know what was going on, and by the time I got my order together and started eating, the bus was making like to leave the parking lot! Much fun scrambling ensued. Anyway, I’m here now and I quite like here.

A lot of people in Arusha pointed out to me that the Bush from Arusha to Mombasa is actually faster than from Dar es Salaam, so i didn’t need to fly there first. The reservation was already pre-paid, though, so I went with the wheels that were already in motion. I kind of wish I had known about it beforehand, though, becuase Dar was chaotic and most maked by a fight with my hotel when they said I couldn’t downgrade from deluxe to regular. At which point I walked out, and headed to a hotel next door. I’m still looking for the hotel police to bust me, but I guess I’m safe since I’m in another country now.

Flying there did get me a stop at the island resort of Zanzibar on the way, though. The white sand beaches and coral reefs were duly spectacular from the air. And sitting with a bunch of bus goers in a dark alley at 6 AM waiting to disembark is it’s own kind of fun too. I’ve been up at or before 6 half the days I’ve been here so far! I think I need to look up the meaning of the word “vacation”…

For now, though, I’m just happy because this city is pretty groovy, and my room has a bathtub, something I’ve been coveting. Tomorrow I’m up at a reasonable hour and taking a bus up the coast to a small beachside town where I’m going to stay for two nights, as a base to check out the ruins of an old Swahili trading town. Internet allowing, I’ll check in from there tomorrow.

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